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Behind The Curtain 39: Jokeu The Debaucherous

Spencer and Tyler are back for another installment Behind The Curtain! Listen as Spencer gets his nerd card revoked, Tyler and Spencer discuss character concepts and which Adventure Paths they would like to play in, and hear Spencer's GMing HORROR story!

Episode 166: The Great Swampland Bake Off

Our party faces off against their first giant!! Rylan competes in a trail ration bake off, the likes of which have NEVER been seen before. The standing stones in the room are investigated further, and the party realizes they are up against something far worse than they could have imagined.

Beyond The Rainbow Realm - Prologue

Come along and listen to the prologue of an original production! Travel to the distant land of Loroc and hear the prologue of this original production from Gathering Of The Ages Studios! Written by Tracy, and produced by Spencer, we are excited to present to you a snippet from our new production!

Episode 165: Let's Do The Time Swarm Again

Our heroes have finally reached the old Undiomeade House. Time and the elements have not been kind to this once grand mansion. Upon an initial investigation, The Black Feather Few learn that they are not the first to come to this house. On the lookout for the member of the Whispering Way they have been tracking, they soon realize that the house is filled with many dangers.

Episode 164: Rylan Fetch Your Pony

Come along and listen to another episode, and learn even more about Rey's dark history, and the twisted relationship she shared with her brother. The party sets out for the old house in the hopes of finding more of the missing people, as well as the infamous Father Volitario. The Mayor believes them to be hot on the trail!

Episode 163: DAGON That's Spicey!!

In this episode Spencer develops several nervous ticks. The party convenes with Mayor Greedle and the sheriff to explain what evidence has been found. The bodies of the missing individuals are given over to the custody of the sheriff, and a new contract is made!

Episode 162: Warden Gets A New Voice

For the first time in 162 episodes, we finally share with you all Zachary's countdown!!!!!! This week the Black Feather Few continue to investigate the disturbing goings on within this temple to Dagon. The cast meets a very interesting couple from the town and learn that there is something even more nefarious going on than they had previously determined.

Episode 161: Davy Jones' Love Child

The party faces off against an abomination of the Sea Foam!!! With Rylan hurting from the last fight, can the party pull through one more combat? Or will they be swallowed by the Sea Foam?

Episode 160: By The Sea Foam

The party faces off against these suspicious, so called worshipers of Gozrah. Things cool down in this week's episode as ice spells are brought to the fight and the whole cast must LET IT GO!

Episode 159: It Pleases The Lord

The Black Feather Few make their way to the Temple of Gozreh to try and get more information. Do they hold the key to the missing people? What secrets could the parishioners be hiding? Or, did the mayor send our heroes on a wild goose chase?

Episode 158: Religion Suspicion

The party gets deputized!! After being given a mission by the mayor to investigate some local goings on, the team heads to the nearby church. What secrets does this hallowed hall hold within its walls?

Episode 157: Something's Fishy

The party continues their investigation within the small fishing village of Illmarsh. They soon begin to see shades of the past, as they come to learn how unwelcoming the people are. An impromptu meeting with the mayor of this mysterious village might be what the group needs to point them in the right direction.

Episode 156: A Subaqueous Research And Exploration Vessel

The party tries their best to save an endangered ship in the middle of a storm! The first resident of Illmarsh is met, and he is not quite what the group was expecting.

Episode 155: Yuletide Interrogation

The party interrogates the lying stable master and learn the next destination of the Dark Riders. Trying their best to gather more information they continue getting to know the locals of Thrushmoore. The trail is still hot and the Black Feather Few are on the chase!

Episode 154: Roguish Rascals

The party faces off against the mysterious stablemaster and his accomplices . They find that the situation is much more dangerous than they had previously anticipated, and one of their own dances too close to the fire for comfort.

Episode 153: Nice To Sea You

Our heroes continue their journey and finally arrive in the small fishing village of Thrushmoor. On the heels of the Whispering Way riders, they must track them down and find out where they went!

Episode 152: Butterfly Me To The Moon

The remaining members of the party are given a vision by Desna. Instructions are given to find a new shield. The race is on to meet a mystery person!

Episode 151: Happy Trails

The party finds themselves in the mysterious city of Carrion Hill. After Min's vision of the Canterwall Militia, it leaves the group feeling uneasy. The group must make a difficult decision, and say goodbye to a dear friend.

Episode 150: Slognog Season pt. 2

After dealing with the orc threat, our heroes must search for their replacements. A grisly spectacle, as well as a fight they are not prepared for, awaits them.

Episode 150: Slognog Season pt. 1

Listener! We gotta go BACK.... BACK TO THE B-CAST!!! Something continues to happen in the distant county of Canterwall. Our Border Patrol continues the fight against potential invaders. With the number of attacks, as well as the number of forces, steadily increasing, our heroes are given new instructions. But before they can fulfil them, they stop for a rest in a familiar town.

Episode 149: A Peench Of Hope

The party is rocked with the discovery that something much more dangerous lurks on the horizon. Unsure of where to go next, the party takes the head of Auren Vrood back to Ulcris, in the hopes that whatever memories he is able to leech from the necromancer's mind, will point them in the right direction.

Episode 148: Betwixt The Juices

Feyven gets a profound memory from his past pushed to the foreground. After pulling themselves back together after a tragic loss, it is time for The Black Feather Few to confront the necromancer Auren Vrood. Will our heroes emerge from the tower alive?

Episode 147: Up River Without A Siris 2: Pretty Fly For A Wight Guy

We are back baby!!!! The group faces off against an adversary they were not prepared for. Shaken to their core they must all pull together, and rely on one another for strength.

GM Ramblings - Post Covid Update

Holy SMOKES!! Sorry, this is not a regular episode, but it is an update letting all you fine people know where we have been for the last two months.

Episode 146: Take My TLC

The Black Feather Few face off against the baddies in the pit and their undead slaves. Weakened from their ritual, Min and Rae try their best to supply aid to the rest of their party. Faevyn steps up into his role as the leader and shows just how powerful he can be. Parod, shaken by everything he has seen, tries his best to keep his head in the fight.

Episode 145: Stranger Danger

The past is seen in a shared vision, and long dead voices are heard once again. The party wrestles with many emotions and they try to pull themselves together before their next battle.

Episode 144: All Magic Comes With Some Risk

After their victory against Adimarus the heroes take a second to regroup. Rae continues to see the devistation of Feldgrau and it leaves the party wanting more than ever to lay the citizens to rest.

Behind The Curtain 38 - Meet Tracy

The final interview in the interview series is all about the woman we all call Mom! Learn all about Tracy in this exclusive interview conducted by Dylan Thomas!

Episode 143: On A Scale Of One To Charlie Puth

It is the showdown many have been waiting for! Adimarus, the leader of the Demon Wolves, and devout follower of Jezelda goes toe to toe with our brave adventurers! The stops are pulled this week and we are on a freight train to Showdown Town!

Behind The Curtain 37 - Meet Tyler

Get to know the voice behind our resident Accent With A Body, Tyler! The only water on the show gets his exclusive interview with Dylan Thomas!

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