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Episode 187: A Game Breaking Kerchunk

Min suffers a devastating blow as his magic backfires on him. The party continues to suffer at the hands of these alien creatures. Time is growing short, and the Mayor is still missing. Can our heroes muster enough strength to see themselves through to the end? Or will these attacks take too much out of them?

Slashing Through The Swamp - Episode 3: Behead And Maul With Gouges Of Folly - We Be Goblins

It is time for the party to face off against the cannibal goblin Vorka and her disgusting minions! In this quest for honor and glory, our misfit heroes have one final task set before them before they can claim their prize; the precious fireworks! Will our squad prove themselves one final time, or will they end up as Vorka's next meal??

Slashing Through The Swamp - Episode 2: We Claw Spider With These Stabby Paws - We Be Goblins

The Goblin troupe is back to start their quest for the missing Desnan Candles! While loudly traversing through the forest they are accosted by the Licktoe Tribe's Bogeyman. Rivalries begin to form, and skills are put to the test as the Goblins fight to complete their quest!

Slashing Through The Swamp - Episode 1: There's No Face That Groans For The Razor Maze - We Be Goblins

The GOTA Family plays through the extremely famous, and highly popular Paizo module We Be Goblins! Mom takes the reins as the GM for this very special, not so Christmas Special. Spencer joins the boys as a player, embodying one of the four disruptive goblins in this disgusting and rowdy adventure on a quest to recover some fireworks! What perils, and dares, await our rag tag group of adventurers?

Episode 186: Poo Poo Cachoo

What's behind door number one!? The party is forced to fight for their lives against a deadly alien foe, one that appears to be highly intelligent, and capable of cutting our brave adventurers down to size. Bad luck plagues the group, as one individual, shaken by recent events, fails to perform in the party's moment of need.

Episode 185: I'm A Fun Guy

Feyven is beset upon by a new creature, and the party is forced into a fight they were not expecting. Deep in the caves beneath Lake Encarthan, our heroes begin to piece together more of the mystery, and what might have happened to the Skum.

Episode 184: Shaken Skum Syndrome

The party faces off against EVEN MORE SKUM in a fight that they are completely outnumbered. It's time to pull out all the stops, use the big spells, swing the big axes, and summon the... Fern? Listen to this week's exciting episode and find out if our heroes are going to pull themselves out of this one, or get overwhelmed by the Skum!

Behind The Curtain 46: Tondro Time - Interview w/Jason

Spencer had the distinct pleasure of getting to chat with Jason Tondro, a very talented individual who also happens to find himself on the Paizo payroll. Jason is a former college professor who got his start at Paizo as an editor, only to find himself in the hot seat as the Lead Developer for the Starfinder Adventure: Fly Free or Die! Jason and Spencer have a lovely conversation about the joys of gaming, how RPGs tackle social commentary, and geeking out about their mutual love for a good TV show!

Behind The Curtain 45: Welcome To The Carnival - Interview w/James

Join us for another interview! Our guest James is from the UK making him our very first international guest! James is the founder and GM on the Cursed Dice Podcast. Listen as he and Spencer discuss everything from hobbies, to starting and running a podcast, to what they enjoy about TTRPGS!

Episode 183: The D23 Club

The party faces off against a group of horrific skum, whose physical alterations leave the party reeling, and wondering what else could possibly be in these tunnels with them. Surrounded on all fronts, the party must band together or die to the biggest swarm of enemies they have faced yet.

Episode 182: Does This Feel Like Home?

The party faces off against even more other worldly horrors as they enter the Skum Tunnels. One of the party members faces a debilitating blow during a viscous combat! Even more discoveries are made that leave The Black Feather Few reeling as they try to process everything they are witnessing.

Episode 181: Sushi Charcuterie

The party pulls together when one of their own begins to struggle and protection of them becomes paramount. Another fight deep beneath the surface of Lake Encarthan ensues against those protecting their secrets, unbeknownst to those on dry land.

Episode 180: Die GOTA!!

On their way to the base of the Tern Rocks, the Black Feather Few face off against a strange, magical Devilfish, 200 feet under the surface of Lake Encarthan. The encounter does not bode well, as very few members of the party can actually swim.

Behind The Curtain 44: Coloring Outside The Lines - Interview w/Tom

Come listen to Spencer interview Tom from the Non-Standard Action show! Tom tells us all about his origin story in the world of Table Top Role Playing Games! Tom is the GM for their Sunday night show GMing the group through the Fly Free or Die AP. Learn about the incredible Starfinder Conversion for Paizo's first AP: Rise of the Runelords that the Non-Standard Action crew are currently playing through, and how the GM; Jet, went through converting the AP to the Starfinder ruleset. Learn all about the Non-Standard Action show from Tom, and be sure to check them out!

Episode 179: Please, Please, NO!!!

The mayor is missing and the heroes come to an abrupt stand still in their investigation of his kidnapping. Min gets to try his hand at a very useful spell as the party journeys back to the familiar city of Lemonstrusel! After shopping and healing, the party knows that the only way forward, is down, and to reach their next objective, they must ally themselves with Horace Croon: Inventor Extraordinaire.

Episode 178: Okay Boomer

The party once again is called into Level Up Inc. to discuss the qualifications they are bringing to the 10th level positions. After some underwater exploration, the heroes determine it is time to return to the town of Illmarsh, only to be greeted by a not so friendly crowd.

Behind The Curtain 43: Ginyu Goblin Force - Interview w/Jared

Interviews are always fun, and Jared is genuinely one of the funniest people we have had on the interview show. Listen as Jared and Spencer discuss the Nothing Ventured Nothing Gamed Podcast, Jared's struggles as an Eternal GM, and the issues that arose while he was converting Rise of the Runelords from First Edition to Second Edition!

Episode 177: Cats Of The Boot

Rae tries to communicate with the lost, glowing woman in the pit, only to be presented with more questions. The party continues their exploration of the tunnels, only to meet the strangest, and most difficult monster they've ever faced. Salt and bad math abounds on this week's episode!

Episode 176: The One Where Philip Misses The Countdown

The party faces off against a sentient pile of TRASH!! A very valuable item is discovered, which puts the party at odds with each other, in an attempt to claim it for themselves. Darker, and more disturbing revelations are made as the party continues their descent into the caverns.

Episode 175: Surf And Turf

The party face off against their first scum! What secrets are in this tunnel, and will the party be able to complete their mission for the mayor and return to the surface?

Behind The Curtain 42: Interview w/Bee

Come along on a journey to learn all about the world and rule system for the World of Wyldrvir. Bee is the creator of the World of Wyldrvir and the GM on the podcast. Wyldrvir is a simple to run, fun to play, story-driven TTRPG system. Designed with bright optimism at its forefront. Wyldrvir is made with the express purpose of fun, lighthearted escapism into a world where magic is new. Everything is ready and ripe to be discovered, and people seek only the best interests of one another.

Episode 174: I'm A Linguist

The party finds out what is wrapped in the old bundle of blankets, and try to decide what to do with their latest discovery. On the roof of Undiomede Mansion, our heroes face off against a large winged foe, hoping that they do not plummet off the dome to their deaths.

Episode 173: I Say Things And Leave

The party faces off against two inter-planar hounds, and their gaze is worse then their bite. Questions about the mysterious Undiomede family, and what might have happened in this haunted house are finally answered as the Black Feather Few make some startling discoveries.

Episode 172: I Didn't Know Crazy Was Contagious

The Black Feather Few continue to explore the House of Undiomede, in the hopes that the last few rooms might contain answers, or valuable loot. While exploring, the party is attacked by two malicious specters of unknown origins, and one party member suffers a near fatal blow!

Episode 171: I Hate Calimari

It's time for Phase Two of the fight with Father Voltiaro! A mass of tentacles has burst from somewhere within the old vizier, and now the party, separated by a barrier of ethereal blades, must contend with this new and dangerous foe!

Episode 170: Killing Independent Min

The Black Feather Few face off against Father Voltiaro, but things are not quite what they seem. With a baby in Min's arms, the party must fight tooth and nail to protect themselves, as well as the new, youngest member of the party.

Episode 169: I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back

The investigation continues as the Black Feather Few interrogate their new captive. A cultist by the name of Garrick is shackled before them, and only he knows what is going on here. Can our heroes crack the man's hard exterior to get answers to their questions? Listen to find out!

Behind The Curtain 41: Interview w/ Brian Lane

Long time listener, first time caller; Brian Lane, joins Spencer on a very special Behind the Curtain! Join them as they discuss Brian's many writing accomplishments, which include a novel, a Pathfinder 2E Adventure, and some great Pathfinder 2E supplements!

Episode 168: Calling About Your Extended GM Warranty

The rails are gone on this week's episode as the cast contemplates trading their GM in for a much shinier and better one. The party faces off against two more worshipers of Dagon, while simultaneously worrying about a baby in the room. Get out your car seat and strap in your infants for this week's chaotic episode of Gathering Of The Ages!

Episode 167: Warts Come From Seeds

The Black Feather Few continue to search the house, but not before Feyven remembers something from his past that might shed some more light on what is going on inside this old mansion. The party finds a clue that makes them believe they are headed in the right direction, and hot on the trail of the Dark Rider they have been chasing since Feldgrau!

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